Adrafinil CAS:63547-13-7


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Place of Origin:CHINA
Brand Name:Hezhong
Model Number:Adrafinil CAS:63547-13-7

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Heathy Adrafinil CAS 63547-13-7 Pharmaceutical SARMs Raw Powder No side effects


General information:

NAME: Adrafinil 
CAS: 63547-13-7
Formula: C15H15NO3S
Molecular weight: 289.351
Compound purity: > 99.7%
Related substance: Total Impurities(%) ≤ 0.3%
Appearance: Powder
IUPAC: (RS)-2-benzhydrylsulfinylethanehydroxamic acid
Synonyms: CRL-40028, Olmifon


Adrafinil also known as Olmifon and CRL -40028 is a stimulant chemical used to relieve inattention and excessive fatigue. The chemical formula for Adrafinil is C15H15NO3S. Adrafinil has an average mass of 289.349487 Da and a Monoisotopic mass of 289.077271 Da. The Systematic name for the chemical compound is 2-[(Diphenylmethyl)sulfinyl]-N-hydroxyacetamide
Research on Adrafinil was conducted by ACD/Labs', US Environmental Protection Agency's EPISuite, and ChemAxon. Properties that were predicted by ACD/Labs showed 4 #H bond acceptors, 6 #Freely rotating bonds, index of refraction at 1.653 with a surface tension of 67.3±3.0 dyne/cm. No information was provided for the boiling or flash point. 



Adrafinil (Olmifon) is a wakefulness-promoting agent (or eugeroic) used to relieve excessive sleepiness and inattention. It is also used off-label by individuals wishing to avoid fatigue, such as night workersor others who need to stay awake and alert for long periods of time. Adrafinil is the key to expanding your mental capabilities and maintaining your optimum level of mental performance. Many vitamins, herbs, and drugs that can work wonders for the human mind are fast becoming the source of intellectual dominance. From antioxidants like Vitamin C and selenium that counteract the damaging effects of "free radicals," to powerful nootropics such as Adrafinil and Modafinil, each supplement is able to provide a unique mental advantage.
Dose: 600 to 1200mg daily. However, I have to point out that Olmifon was prescribed to the elderly to combat excessive tiredness and narcolepsy, so this recommended dosage is intended as a guide for those symptoms.

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