Trenbolone Enanthate / Tren Enan/ Parabola CAS 472-61-5 High Purity Trenbolone Steroid  For Bodybuilding

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Trenbolone Enanthate / Tren Enan/ Parabola CAS 472-61-5 High Purity Trenbolone Steroid  For Bodybuilding


Quick detail:
1. CAS No.: 10161-33-8
2. Molecular Formula: C25H34O3
3. Molecular weight: 382.54
4. Assay: 97-101%
5. Appearance: pale yellow or yellow crystalline powder;
6. Usage: Trenbolone Enanthate is only available from underground labs and was not designed for human consumption, although it is considered to be an ideal drug for bodybuilders who want to burn fat and gain muscle, although its long ester makes unwise for professional athletes who undergo testing to use.
Trenbolone enanthate is an injectable steroid that is long acting. Providing effects on the way your body metabolizes protein, trenbolone enanthate is considered as among the best anabolic steroids that is effective because it is also able to provide you with a good balance of nitrogen. In fact, based on laboratory tests alone, it is able to decrease your body's ability to store fat and it increases protein utilization. Because of these features, it is considered to be a good product for increasing an athlete or bodybuilder's strength and size.

Trenbolone enanthate is best utilized for strength and size building when administered together with a proper diet that can aid its effects. Basically, the diet consists of enough calories and protein per meal. The results include better tissue building in your body and catabolism that is reversed. Also, due to its specific ester, keep in mind that it acts slower compared to trenbolone acetate but still faster than trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate. Still, its molecular structure still allows it to be stronger theoretically compared to those two aforementioned variants.

Trenbolone Enanthate


:  Light yellow or almost white crystalline powder
Light  Yellow powder
:  IR
:  97.0~103.0%
Melting Point
:  70~80°C
Specific Rotation
:  +22~+26°
Loss On Drying
:  0.5%max
Residue On Ignition
:  0.1%max
Heavy Metals
:  20PPm max
Organic Volatile Impurities
:  meets the requirement.
Related Substances
:  Single Impurity: 1.0%max
:  Total Impurities: 2.0%max
The specifications conform with enterprise standard.
Trenbolone Enanthate Dosage Cycle Schedule and How to Use
The steroid Trenbolone Enanthate is the long-releasing concoction of Trenbolone, which is good in boosting strength and increasing lean muscle mass. The ester – Enanthate – allows the trenbolone to slowly be released into the body. It will peak within a few days but can take nearly two weeks before the body full absorbs it. Find out what Trenbolone Enanthate dosage works best and how to use this steroid in a cycle.
Uses for Trenbolone Enanthate
Trenbolone Enanthate is an extremely powerful anabolic is considered far more powerful than testosterone. On paper, it can be five times as more powerful than both anabolic and androgenic compared to what is seen with testosterone. Trenbolone has proven itself toboost muscle strength as well as burning fat. Another unique benefit to Trenbolone is that it cannot change itself into estrogen, which is why many bodybuilders will use it over other powerful steroids.
It’s important to understand that this steroid has yet to be approved for either human or animal use. Now, there is a veterinary steroid called Trenbolone acetate. However,underground labs developed Trenbolone enanthate so that users can take advantage of the steroid’s long time release. Of course, that means there are side effects to contend with but they may not be as pronounced as what is seen with the Trenbolone acetate
When it comes to popularity in the steroid category, Trenbolone Enanthate ranks high up there. And, that’s because it can give people the lean muscle mass they want while burning fat.
What’s The Suggested Trenbolone Enanthate Dosage?
The dosage range of trenbolone is 75mg to 100mg. And, due to the short ester length, it needs to be administered daily or every other day through an intramuscular injection. Trenbolone is popular because of its bulking and cutting properties. Keep in mind that the best time to use the drug is during the cutting cycle because of its fat-loss properties.
Trenbolone is found – in large quantities – on the black market with cattle implants being changed into a transdermal compound or injectable compound. Trenbolone, regardless of where and how it’s made, can be costly, from $15 per gram of powder to nearly $150 for one 10ml bottle.
Right Way to Take a Trenbolone Enanthate Cycle
As you know, Tren is five times more potent than testosterone. It is so powerful that it can cause a lot of severe side effects. So if you are just starting out with Tren dosages, then you are really an immediate user of regular steroids. You might even be considered to be on the advanced level. Keep in mind that Trenbolone Enanthate is not for anyone who has never tried anabolic steroids before. Do not forget this fact. The average cycle is really an intermediate steroid cycle. It could even be called an advanced one.
A regular cycle of Tren should also have testosterone included because this is the main anabolic steroid that a newbie should be knowledgeable about. It is very much suggested that Tren cycles should have testosterone, but it should be the only other anabolic steroid in the stack. This is because you want to see how you will react to the effects of Tren when using it for the first time. Doing so will not cause confusion if you experience side effects. You should know what is occurring and be aware of your reaction to the stack.
When it comes to intermediate Tren cycles, it is assumed that you know how Tren affects your body. You are experienced and know the side effects. This is when you learn how to manipulate and stack Tren with other steroids and bodybuilding supplements. If you are an advanced or intermediate user then you shouldn’t feel like you have to stack Tren with another anabolic steroid besides testosterone. This is really the case when you take into consideration Tren’s potency and favorable qualities.
Advanced users who know how to manipulate Tren cycles are actually experimenting with this supplement. You might feel confident to experiment with larger dosage amounts, but keep in mind that these higher amounts could damage your body. During this phase you might also want to see what you can stack with your Trenbolone Enanthate dosages.
Trenbolone Enanthate Only Cycle
Take this week one through eight. 400 mg of Testosterone Propionate and 300mg of Tren E. Take this amount each week. This cycle is thought to be the most used newbie Tren only cycle. A lot of newbies use this cycle, but intermediate and advanced users like it as well. It is very effective. You have to stack testosterone with Tren. You cannot forget to do this. The minimum amount of testosterone should be no less than what is taken with testosterone replacement therapy.
This cycle has Tren which is a short ester. It is not that hard to administer, and inject. You can also put both of these into one syringe and inject them at the same time, and you should not have any problems. This is because they both have an oil base. They have the same type of half lives and they work very well together.
This is one of the main reasons that you should stack them together. It has a short ester, which means that it can be set to a low duration of 8 weeks. Most people think that this is the right duration for usage. Most people say that the longer Tren cycles that are more than 8 weeks results in more severe side effects. Since Trenbolone Enanthate is so short, you should use a shorter ester and have shorter cycles.
Using Trenbolone and Testosterone
Weeks one through twelve: Take 100mg of Testosterone E and 300mg of Tren E each week. There are two big changes in the second set of doses for a Trenbolone Enanthate cycle. This is with Testosterone TRT and the way that you must change over to the long ester forms of Testosterone and Tren. Longer esters are used, which means that it changes from eight weeks to twelve instead. You will have a gradual buildup of blood plasma that will finally peak at an optimal level. So the initial start that has the longer esters will take a longer time to produce resultsthan the short estered anabolic steroids.
Testosterone TRT is used just to keep the body production of testosterone at the normal level. When this is done, it will produce an environment where the testosterone will not aromatize, which means that more estrogen will be produced. The more estrogen produced the more the severe the side effects will be when using Tren. This happens a lot with the other 19nor steroids like Nandrolone.
So, if estrogen is controlled in this manner, progestogenic side effects of Tren can be controlled more often when you don’t use an aromatase inhibitor. The other reason for using testosterone TRT is that you want to ensure that Tren is the anabolic steroid that works the most and that the testosterone that is stacked with it is just to maintain the regular function since the production of testosterone is decreased, which will happen when using an anabolic steroid such as Tren. 
Trenbolone and Dianabol Combination
Weeks one through eight. Take 100mg of Testosterone Propionate and 400mg of Tren A each week. Weeks one through four. Take 50mg of Dianabol each day.
This intermediate Tren cycle starts the dosages at a higher amount than the newbie cycles that are also displayed above. Testosterone is used as a supplement or TRT instead of the main anabolic. Dianabol is included in this stack, but it is not because Tren is not strong enough to stand alone. The only thing that a Trenbolone Enanthate cycle needs is testosterone. When it comes to this particular cycle, Dianabol is used as a kickstarter, which is a good cycle for the person who wants to bulk up and get stronger.
Trenbolone Enanthate 800mg and Drostanolone E
Weeks one through twelve. Take 100 mg of Testosterone E. Take 800mg of Tren E. Take 400mg of Drostanolone E. These are weekly dosages.
This cycle is a long ester cycle. Everything stacked in this cycle contains enanthate esters. When the drugs all have the same ester this makes it easier to inject all of them. As a matter of fact, they can be placed in the same syringe. Tren Enanthate has a higher dosage. Testosterone is a supplemental TRT and the Drostanolone is there to supplement Tren.
This should give the user a look that is described as lean or shredded. Basically, it is a hard look. However, this will not happen if the user does not have a low percentage of body fat. This is why Drostanolone or Masteron is not used unless the bodybuilder is about to go to competition.
Combining Trenbolone Enanthate Dosages with Tren A
Finally, please note that the esters of Trenbolone do not have to have an anabolic steroid stacked with it. For example, Test E with Tren E. It is okay to combine Tren A with Test E during your cycles. These cycles are not problematic. In fact, they form good combinations. But understand that you must know about timing, half life and injection schedules in order for these different compound combinations to be successful. The reason that some people choose to combine something like a Trenbolone Enanthate dose with Testosterone E is that it is convenient and easy to take in terms of timing, injection and half life.


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