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High Purity PEG-MGF Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor for Gain Weight


General information:

MGF (Mechano Growth Factor) is a variant of IGF-1 (Insulin Like Growth Factor-1), also available as synthetic, water-based variant with less stability. MGF is generally derived from exercised or injured/damaged muscle tissue. The biomolecule mimic IGF gene expression that augments stem cell population in the muscle tissue to promote hyperplasia. Addition of polyethylene glycol (PEG) with the compound prevents spontaneous degradation in the blood stream, and increase plasma half-life. PEG MGF is a variant of IGF, which is produced by the shift of IGF gene, and the PEGylation of the molecule, which is essential for improving its stability. PEGylated Mechano factor is the new form of IGF and the hormone functions by increasing the formation of new muscle cells. When the stem cells are increased the muscle mass increases effectively.
Synthetic MGF travels through bloodstream and is not affected by the condition of the serum although it has a short half-life when in contact with serum. The PEGylation or addition of a polyethene glycol molecule to the structure is essential in increasing the potency , activity and effectiveness of PEG-MGF. The PEG acts a protective coat, which prevents degradation of the polypeptide from the internal enzymes and other chemical factors. Moreover the polyethene glycol molecules offers more binding sites to the molecule which allows for increased affinity to the perfect ligand during interactions. The polypeptide is usually negatively charged and any positively charged compound would affect its integrity and activity therefore reducing its lifespan, however with the enhanced coat the lifespan and activity is enhanced to an optimal level. There are various research and studies conducted on the use of the polypeptide in enhancing muscle hyperplasia.


MGF is produced biologically when muscle fibers are broken down through resistance (weight training). It is a potent factor in muscle growth. MGF stimulates muscle growth, creates new muscle fibers, promotes nitrogen retention and increases protein synthesis. This compound is commonly used for overall growth of muscle and to promote growth in body parts that are not up to par with the rest of the user’s physique.
In bodybuilding this drug is used to accelerate muscle growth. Other effects of the drug include decrease of fat mass of the body, endurance increase, improvement of immune defense and skin, bone strengthening, lowering of cholesterol level, accelerated recovery. Those who administered MGF declared that they experienced no side effects, which frequently occur with the use of other drugs for gaining body mass.
PEGylation is actually a potentially useful addition to MGF if properly used. In a study on older rodents, vegetative cell reduction in their older muscles was found to be attributed to shrunken activity of satellite cells . once a precise size was reached, growth ceased. within the presence of MGF, satellite cells became activated and hypertrophy in mature muscles continuing. In experiments wherever MGF was administered intramuscularly, there was a 2 hundredth increase within the weight of the injected muscle fibers at intervals a pair of weeks . In any studies, it took four months for IGF to cause a twenty fifth increase in muscle mass  MGF was found to be tougher than IGF-1Ea in speedy muscle growth . PEGMGF is probably best used on off-days from training, to keep MGF levels elevated and get additional hypertrophy from the longer releasing PEGMGF.
Pegylated MGF is more bioavailable. The average dose is 1000 mcg per 24 hours. Injected 2-3 times per week, it maintains effective concentration for a long period.

PEG-MGF Bebefit:

1. MGF can initiate muscle satellite (stem) cell activation in addition to its IGF-Ireceptor domain which ithen in turn ncreases protein synthesis turnover, and therefore can if used correctly improve muscle mass over time.
2. MGF has the ability to cause wasted tissue to grow and improve itself by activating muscle stem cells and increasing the upregulation of protein synthesis, this unique ability can rapidly improve recovery and speed up muscle growth.
3. Now with synthetic injections of MGF you can increase the pulse and so speed up recovery, and increase the muscle tissue cells by stimulating satelite cells into full maturity. 200mcg bi lateraly is the very best choice of dosing in muscles trained. Muscle mass increases of 20 percent from a single mgf injection.
4. MGF has a huge role to play, and is administered to those with muscle wasting diseases and for those who are elderly and have lost muscle mass for good reason, it is extremely anabolic.


PEG MGF Chemical Profile

Product name
PEGylated Mechano Growth Factor 
>98% by RP-HPLC
Molecular Formula
Molecular Weight 
One Letter Sequence
Physical Apperance
white powder
Form & Formulations
Sterile Filtered white lyophilized (freeze-dried)
2 months at room temperature 24 months from date of receipt, ­20 °C as supplied. 1 month, 2 to 8 °C under sterile conditions after reconstitution. 3 months, ­20 to ­70 °C under sterile conditions after reconstitution.
Store at -20°C. Product is guaranteed 2 years from the date of shipment. Following reconstitution, store at -20°C. We recommend to add a carrier protein (0.1% HSA or BSA) for long term storage.



1. Method of Analysis for testing our materials are validated to give the re-producible results
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